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Stories from the Work: Jill and Justin help Isaac and Nathaniel

Monday, Feb 5, 2018

Isaac is an active, enthusiastic 13-year-old. After struggling with a visual disability, he’s set his sights on playing club football. Everyone agreed it would be good for him – his social worker, his guardian, his CASA Justin, his little brother Nathaniel (who wanted to play too), his brother's CASA Jill. He’d been through so much, everyone just wanted him to have a win.

But his guardian couldn’t afford to pay the fees. Was Isaac ever going to play like his favorite team, the 49ers?

Thanks to our generous donors and CASAs working together, we were able to provide funding for Isaac and his brother to join the club and play. Isaac and Nate are so happy now. We are so grateful for both of their CASAs' hard work.

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